3D Projection

Using a unique combination of digital and physical media, the
3d projection unit takes your creative concepts, and brings them to life.

Its Prism-like projection area lets you create eye-catching environments,
with animations and sound. Perfect for tradeshows, and store displays.

3d Demo

The Flying Dragon concept was developed in conjunction with a client display for an outlet store. The 3D Projection unit was filled with candy, and had the candy box placed in the centre. Passers by would see the dragon circling the candy box, and breathing candy out of its mouth, which seemed to fall to the floor of the unit.

Helen of Troy Diamond

Developed specifically for use at the Home Hardware Trade Show, the content for the 3D Projection Unit was designed to showcase a rotating image of the Revlon Curling Iron. The unit was set up at the very edge of the client’s trade show booth, and the combination of positioning and 3D animation created an eye-catching display. This tripled the number of people entering the client’s booth, and gave the members of the client’s marketing the opportunity to engage a broader spectrum of tradeshow attendees.